Clothing made in Quebec

Frequently asked questions

  • Care Instructions

    Easy care, machine washable and drying flat or at low temperature is recommended to protect the elasticity of spandex maternity clothing.
    However, some fabrics are fragile and a gentle wash is indicated on the label.
    Please always refer to the garment label.

  • How do I create different looks ?

    It is easy to transform the Vestita maternity clothing garment. Depending on the model you choose, you multiply the styles with 3 types of manipulation. Remember the following 3 manipulations to create 4 styles:
    attach to the neck,
    – attach to the waist,
    – reverse the garment, and also
    – wear it as is.
    Every Vestita garment comes with a card of illustrations of the different styles. Watch the videos on how to create the different styles on web site.

    Start with a transformation you like, then you will find it easy to add new transformations. It is a real winning solution to have more than 2 looks with only 1 garment! Have fun challenging your friends!

  • Do I need to specify the styles that I want when ordering?

    No need to specify the styles as all transformations are created from one same basic garment. Select the size and color of your Vestita maternity clothing garment when ordering and enjoy making the different transformations. Is not this a versatile garment?

  • How is the Vestita transformable garment different from the pareo I bought on my last trip and was not able to make the different styles?

    Vestita maternity clothing is primarily ready-to-wear. In addition, you have the flexibility to switch between transformations as pertinent to the activities on your agenda.

    With Vestita, remember the 3 actions to create 4 styles:
    – attach to the neck,
    – attach to the waist or
    – reverse the garment
    and also wear it as is

    Every Vestita garment comes with a card of illustrations of the different styles.

    Watch the videos on how to create the different styles.

  • Does the garment keep its shape after several transformations?

    Absolutely. In fact, there are three (3) important elements that ensure the quality of our transformable garments:
    Fabrics: several types of fabrics have been tested to ensure a beautiful drape and that its shape stays the same after several stretches.
    Thread: The choice of sewing threads is an important detail. Our thread we have chosen has a slight elasticity that resists stretching during the transformations of the garment.
    Design: Once the fabrics and threads have been chosen, it is necessary to adjust the design of the garment to ensure beautiful transformations.

  • What is a PRE-SALE?

    We offer you the opportunity to purchase your item of choice before it is even in our inventory. To thank you for your confidence, it is our pleasure to offer you a pre-sale price for pre-sale items. You are thus guaranteed to be among the first customers to take advantage of the item.

  • What is the advantage of buying in pre-sale?

    Pre-ordering is doubly interesting : It allows you to reserve in priority the item with reduced quantities and to take advantage of promotional rates.
    Latecomers just have to be patient, unlike those who had the wisdom to pre-order. It is therefore smarter to pre-order!

  • Can I combine the purchase of a pre-ordered item with other purchases?

    Yes, all available products will be shipped to you as soon as the order has been paid for. Products in pre-sale will be delivered to you as soon as they are available. Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for pre-sale products. Don’t forget, we offer free shipping for all your orders!

  • How a presale is eco-responsible?