Maxi to Mini Length Dress – Maternity

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This stylish convertible maternity dress resolves all fashion dilemmas thanks to its classic hue and versatile look. It features a rounded or V neck. Raise the hemline of the skirt on one side, in the front or all around for versatility of length and movement. You will enjoy this maternity dress before, during and after pregnancy. In addition, it’s empire waist design benefits all silhouettes. A lively garment in your capsule wardrobe. This timeless, modern multi-styles dress is a real all-purpose item, no matter what your lifestyle is!


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with the same garment

Vestita maternité robe maternity dress peri
You are you!

For those days when you want to be radiant and comfortable in all simplicity. This maternity dress is shortened by tying together 2, 3 or the 4 ribbons of the same panel which are hidden under the skirt. You’ll RSVP to many events just so you can wear this dress!

Vestita maternité robe maxi rouge t1 maternity maxi dress red
Be fashionable and trendy while waiting for baby!

This style will make you noticed. Simply attach the ribbons under the skirt on the sides. The ties under the skirt allow you to bring out the stylist in you.

Vestita Maternité Robe maxi rouge maternity maxi dress red
Healthy walk

Experience the freedom of feeling beautiful with this ‘Streetstyle’ look. Decide on your next look by simply tying up the ribbons to different heights. All you have to do is put on your casual shoe and move with baby.


Versatile Garment

About Our Quality Fabric

Soft to the touch and stretch to ensure comfort. High quality stretchable fabric and anti-pilling made of 92%Viscose and 8%Spandex. Care Instructions


Test your creativity. 6 panels make up the skirt of this robe sometimes mid-length and sometimes short. Each panel has 4 ribbons. Attach the ribbons as per your creativity of the day. You’re in charge. Have fun tying 2 or more ribbons together. Play tying them horizontally, vertically or even crossing the ribbons between panels. Be audacious by creating a style that will make you marvel on your own creation.

Canadian Product

Designed and made in Quebec, Canada.

Vestita robe maxi mini rouge dress

Trendy colors vary with the seasons

Design details

Here are few why you should make this dress part of your maternity wardrobe.
– The set of ribbons under the skirt lets you to create the style that suits you. Pregnant or not, simply adjust the front length;
–  The empire style is great for all figures
–   The double-sided neckline allows the choice of a rounded neck or V-neckline. It’s up to you to decide which side to wear.

You are in charge of your own look!

Size Guide

Choose the same size as before pregnancy. Model is wearing size Small. Refer to our Size Chart


How to transform the style?


of our clients

«Fabulous garment!

I can’t wait to have more in my wardrobe!»

- L. Pratt

«I purchased the peri blue cardigan and the black dress. I am really impressed with the quality and the fluidity of the fabrics. Super comfortable and what to say about their versatility. For those who like to appeal to their creativity, these clothes are for you. I am having a lot of fun and it's really beautiful.»

- S. Leclair


Asked Questions

Care Instructions

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Machine wash on gentle cycle. Flat dry or tumble dry low to preserve spandex elasticity.

What does 'front-to-back' neckline mean?

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The round shape of the dress neckline becomes a V shape by turning the dress front to back. Choose your front neckline shape. ‘front-to-back’ refers to the fact that there is really no front or back.

How to shorten the dress?

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The dress is shortened by tying together 2 or more ribbons in the same panel and repeat for each of the panels of the dress. Easier access to the ribbons by hanging the dress inside out. Have fun challenging your friends!

How to create the balloons in the dress hemline?

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The balloon effect is created by tying together 2 ribbons in the same panel and this for each of the panels around the dress. You can even make two rows of balloons. Easier access to the ribbons by hanging the dress inside out.

How do I create different looks from a mid-length? I'm not creative, I will not remember how to do it!

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It is easy to transform the long dress Vestita.
– Rounded or V-neck? You can wear the rounded or V-neckline forwards.
– Long or short? Tie 2 or more ribbons together at different heights and positions around the dress. This creates movement while changing the length of the dress.


Every Vestita garment comes with a card of illustrations of the different styles.


Get inspired from the lookbook, Pinterest and Instagramm

Do I need to specify the styles that I want when ordering?

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No need to specify the styles as all transformations are created from one same basic garment, the dress. Select the size and color of your Vestita garment when ordering and enjoy making the different transformations. Is not this a versatile garment?