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La maisonFrancine is a very creative woman who aims at making things differently. She is fascinated with everything that is modifiable and which has more than one function. When she was 10, she had already started to create new clothes. Now, as a creative seamstress, she draws people’s attention by her chic, simple and quality clothing designs. She is an expert in matching colours and fabrics.

Even if she owns a great variety of clothing, Francine prefers to wear comfortable and styling clothing. She wants to reduce her wardrobe and travel light. This is quite a challenge for a woman who likes change, without affecting the quality, the style and her comfort. For that reason, she has decided to create a wardrobe made up of only essential clothing that is appropriate for all occasions. With only a few mix and match, she transforms a day-to-day look in an evening wear. With a streamline wardrobe, she can now travel light. That’s how VESTITA became a reality.

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